Safe Travel on the N2

Before you begin your trip

  • Make sure that you have enough fuel to complete your journey or to get to the next service station.
  • Be sure that you have an inflated spare wheel, a jack and a wheel spanner
  • Have at least  a 2 litre bottle of water in your car.
  • If your fuel gauge is broken, keep a 5 litre can of fuel in the car.
  • Have a mobile phone with you.
  • Have emergency numbers on your phone.
  • If you are using the Zello app on your phone, listen in to broadcasts for possible problems or call in for an update.  Also listen to the radio for stoppages or problem areas.
  • If you have any doubts about your safety, plan to travel an alternative route.

While you are driving on the N2

  • Focus ahead – keep an eye open for any obstructions or unidentifiable objects in the road, as well as pedestrians on the side of the road or even people standing statically on overhead bridges.
  • If you see a non moving person on a bridge (which might want to throw an object at a car), slow down and just before you are about to travel under the bridge, accelerate and change lanes – provided the traffic situation allows for it.
  • If you get a flat tyre, slow down and don't stop, and then drive on to the next safe haven such as a service station. Your life is worth far more than a damaged wheel.
  • Travel in the right hand lane, but do not hold up traffic. If there is following traffic, which is driving faster than you are, move over to the left until that traffic has passed.
  • Watch vehicles who are traveling ahead of you to see if they swerve to avoid hitting something.
  • Drive at a safe distance behind preceding cars to give you a safe braking distance
  • Know the various landmarks on the N2 eg. Boys Town, Macassar Off Ramp etc, so that you can tell responders more or less where you are.
  • Report any abnormalities that you may see, to the policing authorities.
  • It is illegal to stop on a freeway, other than emergencies and break downs – and you could be fined.

The aim of the criminals is to get you to stop so they may rob you as a soft target.  They often use the cover of darkness and misty conditions to commit their crimes.

But you have stopped …...  What then?

  • Don't get out of your vehicle and keep windows up and doors locked.
  • Immediately call for help on your phone – don't wait until the threat arrives.
  • Perpetrators may smash your windows – at this stage comply with them fully and give them whatever they want. 

Other Items which may protect you are :
Run Flat tyres.
Anti-hijacking smash and grab coatings to all your car windows.

While authorities and other security interventions have dramatically increased their presence on the N2, they cannot be everywhere all the time. This means that you should take responsible steps to look after yourself and your passengers.

Emergency Assistance

021 480 7700  Direct to the Emergency Call Centre
or 112 from a cellphone