The Importance of Reporting a Crime

The SAPS pointed out the importance of

  • Reporting all incidences of crime, including trespassing.
  • Making a statement
  • Getting a case number. 

Reporting a crime is very important for the following reasons:

  • Police do not automatically investigate a crime. They can only investigate if the crime has been reported and a statement made.
  • Reporting the crime is important for accurate crime stats. This gives SAPS more leverage to request extra police officers, vehicles etc.
  • It gives the police a time frame & points out “hot spots”
  • They might be able to lift fingerprints that can possibly link them to existing or future cases.
  • Criminals always leave something behind.
  • It helps them to determine the Modus Operandi of criminals

Please report ALL crime: the SAPS needs to know what is happening in our area, to be able to focus their efforts properly.